Coco Howard — Fighting the soft fight

Creature Class Student Showcases

Each year in Creature Making class we had a special event to showcase the students work. Two sales were held in Local shops; Monster Sweets which was a food themed plush toy sale, and The Kids Are Making It For Themselves .The students were consignment artists and were paid the amount of their total sales after the store commission. They priced their own work, created their own company names and logos, and designed their own tags.
Other showcase projects included school auctions, a Japanese inspired monster movie, and The Worlds Longest Snake, a 120 foot long plush snake that students from different classes added on to over the course of nine months.

Some of the students goofing around at the promo photo shoot

Storefront window display

Shop display

Shop display

Monster Sweets opening reception

The Kids Are Making It For Themselves

Do Not Wash!

Grand opening!

Opening reception